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Pictures from our 2020 show 

Presentation for past Chairman
Mr Allenby Stevenson

25th Anniversary Celebration Details Are Now Released...

MCNTA are creating a yearbook.. Click below for more information! 

Its here! The Norfolk Terrier Breed Health Survey 2014


For UK Norfolks has gone live! For those who have not received a form in the post, you are welcome to click on the link (or cut and paste) and download the details and the form. The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain is 50 years old this year, and it is a very good moment to check on how we are doing health wise. Please join in if you have, or have had, Norfolks in the last 5 years. The breed will truly appreciate it.

2014 NCTGB Breed Health Survery Results Are Now Live...