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Championship Show Judges for Norfolk Terriers

Please check the dog press, social media and society websites for show dates


The Royal Kennel Club has granted each breed club and extra set of CCs from 2024. MCNTA is holding its extra show in conjunction with Driffield show in August and the NTCGB is holding its on the same day as its usual championship show in September.

East of England no longer holds a dog show and Boston & DCS has taken over the previous dates of East of England. 

SKC has moved its September/October show to May so both shows will run simultaneously 

Show Dates 2023 - correct at September 2020

Show Dates 2024 - correct at July 2023

Show Dates 2025 - correct at July 2023

Crufts 2025 - Mr R A Hunt

Crufts 2026 - Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews
Crufts 2027 - TBA 

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